Male Enhancement

Male Enhancement is an issue close to heart as sexual dysfunction is an issue we cannot ignore. Problems such as lack of erection, small penis size, low libido, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation, lower ones self esteem and harm relationships.

We have tried to bring you the best and latest information on male enhancement products and your sexual health. If you are looking for help with your sex life or ways boost to their sexual prowess we can help.

No matter the size of their penis, some men feel it is not large enough. They feel self conscience about its size and they feel like an under achiever. To help men enhance their manhood, there are a number of methods and techniques available. The methods range from a program of supplements to a regime of exercises and manipulation devices. These methods are an alternative to dangerous and risky surgery.
Male enhancement has become an accepted method of personal improvement. When choosing a method it is important to choose one that is not only effective but safe to use. The device methods of male enhancement are an alternative to risky surgery for male enhancement, but there are medical conditions that require penis surgery to solve a medical condition. The male enhancement devices on the market today are not intended to correct a medical condition such as micro penis but will help with some minor urinary tract malfunctions.

Men who believe they have a small penis often suffer anxiety and diminished self confidence. That sometimes equates to lack of sexual performance and an unsatisfactory sex and love life. Male enhancement is often the solution to an undersized penis and the enlargement process is often just the ticket to bring about enhanced self confidence and let men feel better about themselves.

There are thousands of men who have used a male enhancement program and report better sexual performance, heightened response and an all around better satisfaction. Partners of men who have used a male enhancement program also report an uptick in pleasure and satisfaction.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Penis Enlarged?

To help sift through all the confusion and information overload we have picked the best products based on the following criteria:

As penis enlargement enthusiasts try various measures, devices and tips to enlarge their penis length and girth, the the question that is top most on their mind is:

how long does it take to get my penis enlarged?

The answer to this question is not simple. There are many variables and it depends on a couple of important factors such as:

Method of Enlargement: For example, the traditional penis enlargement exercises such as Jelqing is very slow, compared to other faster modern methods such as the use of penis extenders.

Regularity: In addition to the method or device you use, how “often” you use the technique or device, is also very important. For example, people wearing penis extenders for the recommended periods of time on daily basis witness noticeable gains within the first few months.

First few weeks

In general, penis enlargement gains come at variable levels. In your first week your penis will gain some initial erect girth due to the increased blood flow that the exercises give you.
The first few weeks will also be a time that you will notice greater vascular look, the penis in its erect state will start to look stronger with more prominent veins.

After the first month

Studies and surveys have shown that after a month, many men start noticing increased thickness and some minor length gain. Those men that do not experience anything usually haven’t been consistent with their usage or have been fumbling around and are still trying to do the exercises correctly.

After three months

This is where the big and noticeable gains can come in. Many men see very noticeable results after this period and are encouraged to actually continue on to see if they can get even bigger. In fact, studies have shown that usually within the first month to 12 weeks, you will notice a market difference in erection length, thickness and density. Some men have noticed gains of up to 1-2 inches in length and up to 1″ of girth during this period.

After six months

For most users, this tends to be the period where the “significant gains” tend to show up. While some men may hit their peak after 3 or 4 months, many guys see major size increases after 6 months. In other words, those who do not see any marked differences within first three months, have the greatest chances of seeing the success after six months especially if they use the correct method of penis enlargement (such as penis extenders) with regularity and punctuality.

Ultimately, regardless of the method and technique used, penis enlargement is not an overnight process. It takes a lot of enthusiasm, the correct method, appropriate device selection and regularity of practice. What is even more important is the question and that is; once achieved, would this enlargement stay permanent?



What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics™ – the best choice for penis enhancement

Unlike other devices, the SizeGenetics™ system has received five star ratings with regards to effectiveness, speed, price, support and bonuses. The guarantee and free shipping are the added advantages that are provided with the system.

Size Genetics is a penis enhancement system that works by stretching the penis muscles, adding girth and length. The system also helps men build stronger and more effective penis muscle, but also corrects a curved penis. The device fits around the penis and is fully adjustable to keep the device securely in place. Size Genetics is a traction device that applies steady and gentle stretching to achieve its goal. The device can be worn under clothes for discreet use and is a certified medical device.


This is a male enhancement pill that helps force blood through your penis making penis enlargement easier and quicker.
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