The 3 Best Bodybuilding Supplements 2020

Which supplement is best for gaining muscle?

Bodybuilding has become popular because it allows an individual to get into shape, burn fat, build their muscles, and increase their energy levels.

bodybuilding supplementsIf you are into bodybuilding, working hard in the gym every single day can only get you so far. Perhaps this is also the very reason why successful bodybuilders and athletes do not rely on working out and dieting alone. They have learned to work smart so that not a single effort is wasted, and all are geared towards significant gains. Bodybuilding supplements can help in the process.

There are many bodybuilding supplements that you can find, and each promises significant results. However, generally, most of these supplements are made to stimulate the growth of muscle, burn excess fat, and help in the recovery process to maximize gym time.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the top 3 bodybuilding supplements. We will also show you why you should consider the supplements on our top three for a much-need boost to get the body in the right direction.

How Does Bodybuilding Supplements Work?

To gain extra muscle mass and develop the strength you need in your workout, several processes need to happen in your body. First, you need to follow an exercise routine. The purpose of regularly exercising is to stimulate the muscles for maximum growth. If you challenge your body with a more strenuous exercise, you are teaching your muscles to adapt to what is to come, increase in strength and size.

Aside from exercising, you also need to consume more calories than you can burn. When you want to lose weight, burning more calories than what you are eating is alright. But when you are into gaining muscle mass, the process is a little bit harder. You need more calories to build new muscle tissues. However, this will be impossible if all the energy of your body is spent on maintaining its daily processes. For this reason, some bodybuilding supplements have weight gainers to have more healthy calories in the diet.

Another equally important factor is to make sure that the body has more protein than it can break down within the day. The body uses protein in many ways every day. When you are working out, it will break down the proteins so that it has extra energy. However, the body also needs protein to build muscle cells and repair damaged tissues. For this reason, you can find large amounts of protein in bodybuilding supplements to make sure that it has enough to complete all its processes.

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Five Categories of Bodybuilding Supplements

There are many bodybuilding supplements in the market today that it becomes difficult to choose. To avoid confusion, we have sorted the supplements into five categories.

Amino Acid Supplements
Amino acids are essential for the body because they play vital roles in their functions. One of its tasks is to help the body to grow, repair, and heal itself. It also helps in delivering the nutrients needed by the body and supports healthy muscles, arteries, organs, among others. Amino acids like Glutamine and BCAAs are essential for athletes and bodybuilders because it helps in muscle building.
Creatine Supplements
Creatine is the most studied type of workout supplements. The body naturally produces it from amino acids, L-methionine, glycine, and L-arginine. All of these in the skeletal muscles. The benefits that creatinine brings to the table include an increase in muscle mass, enhanced strength, faster recovery, and improvement in cognitive ability. It is beneficial not only for athletes and bodybuilders but for people that have neurodegenerative diseases, for vegetarians, and those with low creatinine levels.
Pre-workout Supplements
To get the best pre-workout supplement, you need to choose the one that contains ingredients that can boost your energy or increase the flow of blood to the muscles or a combination of both. The most common type of pre-workout supplements contains nitric oxide and stimulants.
Protein Supplements
This type of supplement comes in a wide array of types and flavors, ranging from powders to pills. It contains different ingredients like whey, egg, milk, soy, hemp, or rice. They are the most popular and frequently used by bodybuilders, but they are also helpful to athletes, vegan, and those who need extra protein on their diet.
Supplement Stacks
For more serious bodybuilders, they turn to a combination of supplements that they find to be the most effective. The stacks are usually composed of several varieties of supplements that are complementary and often produced by the same manufacturer. An example of this is a combination of supplements for fat-burning, bulking, and strength or endurance.

Health Benefits from Using Bodybuilding Supplements

While nutrition plays a vital role in bodybuilding, it is hard to keep up because it requires a lot of nutrients, and that means a lot of food. A bodybuilding supplement before and after a workout helps because it provides the body with an adequate supply of nutrients to support muscular hypertrophy and maintain good health.

Here are some of the benefits of bodybuilding supplements.

1. Increased in muscle mass

We get into bodybuilding to improve muscle strength and size, and bodybuilding supplements contain the ingredients that will give our body the boost to do this. Among these ingredients are amino acids that promoted muscle growth. Others are hormone boosters like HGH and testosterone that stimulates the growth of muscle.

2. Fat loss

While you need to grow muscles in bodybuilding, it is also vital that you get rid of the extra fat to improve your physique. Most bodybuilding supplements increase the metabolism rate to help the body burn excess fats rather than store it.

3. Quicker muscle recovery

3 best muscle supplementsAn intense workout needs for muscle growth, but it can also result in damages in the muscle tissues. You can feel it as soreness that can last for a few days, which could hinder you from going back to the gym. Many bodybuilding supplements have ingredients that work on reducing muscle breakdown while working out and helps in muscle recovery. It can help reduce the soreness after a workout.

Another thing that bodybuilding supplements do it to prevent the buildup of lactic acid while working out. It prevents muscle fatigue, swelling, and tenderness.

4. Improve the flow of blood

Blood flow has a significant effect on your performance while exercising. Its primary precursor is nitric oxide. Bodybuilding supplements that contain amino acids converting into nitric oxide. The nitric oxide increases the size of the blood vessels, improving blood flow, and allowing nutrients and oxygen to working its way into the muscles. You need this while exercising and during recovery. With extra blood supplying the muscles, you’ll have extra energy, and it speeds up healing.

5. Muscular endurance

The body needs the energy to do its work every day. You need more power in the gym because the muscles are repeatedly contracting. The primary energy source for the muscles is called ATP. The ATP stored in the muscles can only last for a few seconds. When this is used up, the energy is then produced by creatine or through glycolysis. The ingredients in bodybuilding supplements can help increase strength.

What are the top 3 bodybuilding supplements?

#1 Somatodrol

somatodrolSomatodrol is a popular supplement favored by bodybuilders who want to achieve their goals and extend their limits safely and effectively. This supplement has a unique formula that is known as the GTRH factor. It’s what helps the product become effective in increasing the muscle mass and allow quick recovery.

According to its manufacturers, the effects are visible in just three months. With such fast-acting results, it is highly recommended for people who need to achieve a remarkable physique fast. Somatodrol is useful because its action is supported by scientific explanation.

It significantly increases the testosterone levels by 30%, which helps the muscles to recover faster after strenuous exercise. You need to eliminate muscle tension and spasm. Aside from helping the muscles recover, it is also assisting the regeneration of the muscle tissues by stimulating muscle growth.

While helping the muscles recover and regenerate, this supplement helps the body to sustain its energy levels. It’s made possible by eliminating ammonia and reducing fatigue.

The main ingredients found in Somatodrol are Cayenne Pepper, Guarana, Vitamin B12, Arginine, and Beta-alanine. These ingredients are what encourage faster growth of muscle mass.


  • Increases testosterone levels in the body
  • Elevates the energy levels
  • Remove the feeling of fatigue after a workout
  • Composed of natural ingredients


  • Not acceptable for use in sporting events

Final Verdict

The composition and formulation of Somatodrol made it an effective supplement to increase muscle mass. It also boosts testosterone levels, which is a bonus and certainly helps the body’s overall health.

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#2 Probolan 50

probolan 50The second bodybuilding supplement on our list is Probolan 50. This supplement is relatively new and is advertised as an effective testosterone booster and bodybuilding supplement. It helps the body in muscle growth, promote endurance, gain strength, and improve the sex drive.

With such a large scope of actions, this supplement is excellent for people who are at the start of their bodybuilding journey. It works at the very beginning of muscle growth. Together with a bodybuilding diet, Probolan 50 can work fast in increasing muscle mass.

This supplement contains the following ingredients: Epihydroxetiolan-17 ester matrix, DHT blocker, Estrogen blocker, Tribulus Terrestris, and Caffeine. The main ingredient, Epihydroxetiolan-17 ester matrix, is proprietary of its manufacturer, and little is known how it works. Together, these ingredients can increase the testosterone levels to up 400%.

This supplement not only increases the testosterone levels, but it also helps in the body’s overall activity. Some of its effects include an increase in respiration rates; positive circulatory effects convert fat to glycogen and provide sexual boosts.


  • Made with pure and natural ingredients
  • Affordable compared to other bodybuilding supplements
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • Regulates the body’s hormonal imbalance


  • No trials offered on the supplement
  • The high levels of testosterone can have side effects

Final Verdict

The Probolan 50 stands out among the many bodybuilding supplements because of its effectiveness in helping the body achieve its target physique in a short time. It is capable of providing fast and effective results.

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#3 Metadrol

metadrolThe supplement Metadrol is under the radar of bodybuilders, but it proves to be in league with the famous brands. It has a unique formulation that helps stimulate and promote the body’s muscle growth.

When combined with professional training, Metadrol is effective in delivering maximum results. It significantly improves the performance of the muscles and burns more fat tissue at the same time. This supplement is significant because it combines selected ingredients to make it useful.

Metadrol does not reveal all its ingredients except for what is on the website. The formula HGRX-3 (2Hydrxy-3-Methoxy OH2) which boosts anabolic activity without suppressing the hormones.

It is what makes the boost muscle growth and strength while at the same time reducing fat content – the effects of the supplement in the increase in muscle mass and a decrease in muscle fatigue.


  • Helps increase muscle mass
  • Boost strength and eliminate muscle fatigue
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Special proprietary ingredient


  • No precise information its other active ingredients

Final Verdict

Interestingly, Metadrol gained its place in the body supplement with its effectiveness and visible results on the users. What makes it effective is it builds muscle mass and does not interfere with the production of hormones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do bodybuilding supplements really work?

A: Yes. The bodybuilding supplements we have mentioned above are energy boosters and help the body burn fats while carrying out muscle cell production. It provides the body with the energy it needs to do muscle-building exercises.

Q: How fast shall I see the results?

A: The results of using bodybuilding supplements may vary from person to person. But on average, most of these supplements take six months to see its maximum benefit.

Q: Do you continue using bodybuilding supplements to maintain its results?

A: The longer you use them, the better can the body adapt to its ingredients. You can discontinue its use once you have achieved the desired results, though.

Q: Do these bodybuilding supplements have any adverse side effects?

A: None. All these supplements contain natural ingredients that are safe and carefully selected. However, there may be individuals who are allergic to any of its components. Check them properly before using them.

Q: Are these bodybuilding supplements available in stores like Walgreens, GNC, Walmart, among others?

A: These bodybuilding supplements usually available on their official websites. Although you might encounter them online elsewhere, we cannot confirm its authenticity, and it will not be covered by a guarantee, if any.

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There are many bodybuilding supplements out there claiming to help you gain muscle and improve your endurance and recovery time. However, you should always proceed with caution. Some of them have little research or have dubious ingredients.

The best bodybuilding supplements to buy are those made with natural ingredients that are proven effective in increasing metabolism rate, burning fats, suppressing appetite, providing the body with energy, and helping in muscle cell repair and regeneration.

All the supplements we have mentioned in our top 3 can do all these actions, and they are safe with no harmful side effects. Our reviews help bodybuilders to achieve their body goals by providing them with tested and proven effective options to include in their regimen.