ExtenZe Review – Why Pills Better Than Drink or Liquid Form?

Extenze Pills Review: Directions, Ingredients, Side Effects

Having problems with sexual performance in males is one of the most difficult and significant challenges they can face. The reality is that millions of them in the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction and penile problems. There could be many factors causing this problem.

Stress, heart problems, and nutritional deficiencies are some of the leading causes of this problem. But the most significant reason is aging. The majority of those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are males who are over 50. It is easy to see why aging could be the leading culprit as the body is no longer as efficient and healthy as we age.

There are many ways to cure erectile dysfunction and prevent penile problems. One of them is that taking male supplements like ExtenZe is potent and effective in treating these issues.

Is this supplement really effective? We are about to find out in this review.

What is ExtenZe?

extenzeThere are three things that ExtenZe pills promise: harder, bigger, and more frequent erections, intense and electrifying orgasms, and enhanced endurance for more and longer-lasting sex. In short, it is the only product you need to improve your sex life.

It is a straightforward and natural supplement you need to take only once daily. Unlike other cures for erectile dysfunction and penile problems, according to the website, ExtenZe is the only male supplement with professionals’ endorsement. It is proven effective because it targets the root of the problem and deals with it to prevent its recurrence because of aging and other health problems.

There are many similar products that you can select from, but what makes ExtenZe the perfect choice? It gives males longer and harder erections while dealing with the possible cause of penile problems. What makes a useful product lies in its ingredients.

What Does ExtenZe Contain?

As we have mentioned before, ExtenZe is made from natural ingredients. Most of them are known in traditional medicine, while the rest function as precursors to hormones and amino acids to help males achieve better sexual performance and stamina.

Notice the full range of ingredients present in each capsule of ExtenZe. These ingredients have different roles in the product, and when combined, it becomes even more useful.

Xanthorparmelia Scabiosa
Gamma-aminobutyric Acid – GABA
L-Arginine Hydrochloride
Yohimbe Extract
Ho Shou Wu Extract

Pregnenolone is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body. It is responsible for the production of testosterone and other essential hormones. In this supplement, the pregnenolone is bio-identical in its function and is influential in the increase of testosterone.


An increase in testosterone means an increase in libido. Aside from these roles, this ingredient can also help the body to overcome stress, depression, and fatigue.

Xanthorparmelia Scabiosa

This plant has an essential role in relaxing the penile tissue to accommodate the increase in blood flow, which helps in maintaining an erection.


xanthroparmelia scarbrosa

Gamma-aminobutyric Acid – GABA

This neurotransmitter is essential in regulating the sexual urge of an individual because it has a relaxing anti-anxiety effect on the brain. With its soothing effects, it lowers the inhibition to produced more improved orgasms.



L-Arginine Hydrochloride

This ingredient is common in male enhancement supplements. Its role as an amino acid is to improve cardiovascular activities and aids in proper cell replication. With L-Arginine Hydrochloride, the sperm cells are healthy, more mobile, and prolific.

l-arginine hydrochloride

With such function, this ingredient is a primary component in curing erectile dysfunction. Along with other vasodilators, this ingredient is used to cure infertility among males.

Yohimbe Extract

This plant is used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. It can improve arousal, helps infrequent ejaculation and sexual arousal. When it is combined with L-Arginine Hydrochloride, the Yohimbe extract is an effective cure for erectile dysfunction.


yohimbe extract

Ho Shou Wu Extract

This famous ancient Chinese herbal medicine can increase the production of testosterone and the health and motility of sperm. Ho Shou Wu is also used as an aphrodisiac because it can hasten blood circulation and enhance the sensitivity of the organ to sexual stimulation.


ho-shou-wu extract


Other Ingredients of ExtenZe and Their Roles

Korean Ginseng Extract – it is clinically proven to improve erection and performance.

Damiana Root – this plant helps increase the supply of oxygen and blood flow to the genitalia.

extenze ingredientsHorny Goat Weed – it aids in transferring nitric oxide into the penile tissue to hold the increased blood flow.

Pumpkin Seed is an inhibitor in converting testosterone to DHT, preventing hair loss.

Velvet Deer Antler helps improve overall fitness for greater strength and stamina.

Black Pepper – piperine increases the absorption rate of all the other ingredients by the body.

Tribulus Terrestris, Stinging Nettle, Astragalus, Licorice Extract, Hops Extract, Folate, Zinc, and Boron are the rest of ExtenZe’s ingredients.

How Does ExtenZe Work?

ExtenZe is manufactured as a solution for erectile dysfunction in men to have harder, more extensive, and frequent erections. They will have more endurance for more lasting sessions by taking the supplement.

ExtenZe is the safest regimen to enhance sexual performance and activity with non-evasive, no-prescription injections, pumps, or suppositories.

How ExtenZe can deliver its promise rests on its all-natural ingredients. The formula’s first job is to increase the blood flow to the genital area. The supplement’s ingredients help extend the penile tissues and fill them with the blood rushing to their chambers. The increase in the volume of blood means firmer erections. Also, the ingredients work to strengthen and maintain the erection longer.

The rest of the ingredients work on a cellular level and create multiple channels to increase cardiovascular activities. Other effects include an increase in the sensitivity of the penis and heightened sexual desire.

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ExtenZe Directions

extenze dosageUsing ExtenZe is straightforward. The recommended dosage is to take one pill a day while keeping track of the first months. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can take the tablets once a day. There is no limit on how long you need to take the pills safely and without side effects.

You can take them for as long as possible if you achieve your desired results. Most users feel and see the difference after 3 to 4 months of consistently using the supplement.


To appreciate the benefits of ExtenZe, let us have a quick lesson on biology. The erection of the penis is a result of different stimulation from varied sources, but the leading player is testosterone. When you have low testosterone levels, it is difficult to maintain an erection.

When the penis the properly stimulated, its erectile tissues are filled with blood and hardened. The result is an erection. The patented formula of ExtenZe increases testosterone levels and improves the flow of blood to the penis. Here are the benefits:

Better Erections

By stimulating the blood flow into the penis, ExtenZe can help you achieve bigger and better erections that last longer. Unlike the blue pill, it does not have adverse side effects like priapism.

Better Sex Drive

An excellent enhancement product is not all about the harder penis. It is also about improving yourself mentally. With a better sex drive, you are mentally prepping to enjoy sex. Because ExtenZe is made with natural aphrodisiacs, it ramps up your sexual desire.

Another factor is testosterone. The testosterone-stimulating effects of ExtenZe can help enhance your sex drive for better performance.

Better Orgasms

The carefully selected ingredients in ExtenZe help in managing orgasms. Not only does the user feel stronger, but they also experience pleasure when they reach orgasm. It also lasts longer.

extenze results


Although ExtenZe is made with natural ingredients, it does not come without side effects. One reason is that different individuals have different reactions to them. Yohimbe extract, for one, may cause anxiety, especially to those who are prone to anxiety attacks. It may also cause irritability, panic attacks, flushing, nervousness, and agitation. As a precaution, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders should not take this supplement.

Other potential side effects may include digestive difficulties like cramping, constipation, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. It also has stimulating effects related to insomnia, restlessness, and increased heart rate. Because it contains vasodilators, people with hypertension should also take caution.

The testosterone-inducing property of the supplement may also have feminizing effects like breast enlargement and testicular waning.

It is better to consult your doctor before taking the pills if you have concerns.

What are the ExtenZe User Reviews and Feedback?

extenze official websiteExtenZe is well-known and has earned positive reviews from users who have experienced results. Most users said it takes 6 to 8 weeks before the maximum results kick in. However, the results may vary depending on how the body reacts to the supplement.

Some said they did not witness any expected results, while others experienced changes even after a few days of use. According to its website, men can experience maximum effects in 8 weeks. But based on feedback, it could take more than this to see significant results.

ExtenZe is useful because this supplement effectively promotes blood flow to the erectile chambers in the penis. Increasing blood flow can cause the hardness and enlargement of the penis and sustain it.


  • It is effective due to its carefully selected ingredients.
  • It is safe compared to pharmaceutical alternatives.
  • Affordable
  • It does not require a prescription.
  • Provided with Money-Back Guarantee


  • It has side effects
  • It is only available online.

How Much Does ExtenZe Cost?

1 ExtenZe pack(30 pills) cost – $49.95***

2 month supply cost – $89.95 ($10 savings)

3 month supply cost – $124.95 ($25 savings)

6 month supply – “Golden Package”, cost – $249.95 ($50 savings)

*** – It’s the ExtenZe price on the Official website, and if you see a price lower, beware, it can be NOT original pills!

Where to Buy ExtenZe?

You can buy it from the ExtenZe Official website. It is the safest place to get 100% original ExtenZe, additional discounts, and a 67-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund.

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Can I buy ExtenZe at Walgreens, GNC, Walmart, CVS, or other stores?

Yes, ExtenZe is available at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other stores near you, but the price is usually slightly higher. Also, you can’t get bulk discounts when ordering two or more boxes.

Can I buy ExtenZe from Amazon or eBay?

We strongly do not recommend buying ExtenZe at Amazon and eBay because of no guarantee that you received the original capsules. More and more customers complain that they received fake ExtenZe or pills with an expired warranty. Some users received old ExtenZe Plus pills, which are no longer officially released.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ExtenZe pills?

ExtenZe is a male supplement to solve erectile dysfunction and penile problems. It works to improve erections and better overall sexual performance. It is a revolutionary product that uses only all-natural ingredients.

What is ExtenZe Plus?

ExtenZe Plus is an old form of ExtenZe pills which now not available for sale.

What is an ExtenZe drink, liquid?

We do not recommend using these products for male enhancement. Use only original ExtenZe pills from the Official website.

What alternatives to ExtenZe?

The most known ExtenZe alternatives are VigRX Plus and Male Extra.

Will ExtenZe work for everyone?

Anyone who wants to enjoy a better sex life or find a solution for their penile problems should try it. However, its efficacy differs from one person to another. Be cautious if you have anxiety problems.

Why is ExtenZe the best choice for erectile dysfunction?

As explained, erections depend on blood flow. Meaning, the more blood flows into the penis, the harder erection will be. However, as men age, many factors can affect blood flow to the penis. What ExtenZe does is provide a natural way of improving blood flow to the penis.

Is it safe?

ExtenZe is made from 100% natural ingredients. There are no adverse side effects for perfectly healthy individuals reported. If you are unsure about your health, consult your doctor about using it.

What if I took 2 ExtenZe pills?

Don’t worry if you make it once, but don’t overdose regularly. It can be lead to some side effects.

Final Verdict

Many supplements are available that promise to cure erectile dysfunction and penile problems. Yet, not all of them have shown positive results. ExtenZe is a perfect choice because it is a natural supplement that uses organically-derived compounds that deal with the root of the problem without nasty side effects.

It does help improve the blood flow to the penis and the three erectile chambers. This increased blood flow can make the penis bigger and harder and enhance its sensitivity. The result is prolonged and electrifying orgasm and more extended sexual activity.

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