Natural XL Review – Does These Pills Make You Bigger?

Natural XL Pills Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, How It Work, User Reviews

Men and their libido are an inseparable team. And it is essential for a man to be comfortable with his sex organ to have a satisfying performance inside the bedroom. His penis length, a hard erection, and stamina are all significant for healthy sex life.

If you have any problems in this department, maybe you can help with male enhancement supplements. There are many available supplements around, and one of them is Natural XL. If you want to know more about these pills and how it helps males expand their length and perimeter, then you should read this review.

We have researched other literature to find out how effective this supplement is in enlarging the penis and carefully analyzing its ingredients, dosage, and effects.

What is Natural XL?

natural xlNatural XL is a natural penis enlargement and enhancement pills. A product specifically designed for this contains different ingredients that act with the body’s natural physiological process.

Unlike other pills with synthetic ingredients, its formulation has all-natural ingredients; some are used in traditional medicine by different cultures. The product has undergone thorough testing before its launch to the general public. These studies were conducted to ensure that NaturalXL achieves its fundamental goal, improving the size and girth and helping men improve their sexuality.

How Natural XL works is simple. As we said about the product, it is all-natural and relies on its ingredients to work its way into the cardiovascular system. With improved circulation to the penile area, men can achieve massive erections. Reach maximum thickness and more extended staying power.

What are Natural XL Ingredients?

Natural XL’s website did not give the complete ingredients in the product and instead provided only the list of primary components. Here they are:

Withania Somnifera
Sarsaparilla Root
Yohimbe Bark
Muira Puama
Withania Somnifera

Also known as Ashwagandha. This plant has a host of uses in traditional medicine. It is known to increase sperm count, fight fatigue and stress, and boost the immune system.


All of these are symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is safe to say that with this ingredient alone, it can help in improving the sexual capabilities of men.

Sarsaparilla Root

There is not much literature we can find about this plant, except that it has the potential to increase libido.


This compound is the precursor of nitric oxide, an essential ingredient that works as a vasodilator. With a constant supply of nitric oxide, it opens the blood vessels so that there is an increase in the blood that will flow through.


It is also responsible for relaxing the wall in your Corpus Cavernosa, which are the chambers in your penis. An enlarged Corpus Cavernosa can hold more blood, and with you have more blood, the walls can expand, resulting in increasing the size of penis.

Yohimbe Bark

You might have found this in another male enhancement pill. It’s no surprise because this plant acts as a stimulant that will aid in increasing the flow of blood to the penis.


It is also the same active ingredient in the blue pill. In Natural XL, it is in a moderate amount because too much can cause adverse side effects, particularly to those who have other health issues.

Muira Puama

This is another aphrodisiac that is known for hundreds of years to help boost the libido in males. Aside from this role, it is also suitable for managing stress and contributes to the general well being of the person.


Different civilizations have used all these ingredients in folk medicines for centuries.

How Does Natural XL Work?

natural xl resultsMany factors can affect erection. But the most important is the amount of blood flow flowing into the penile chambers when a person is excited. When you have massive blood rushing to these chambers, you will naturally have a more significant and harder penis. It is the simple truth about male erections.

Natural XL is a supplement that works on the body to cure erectile dysfunction. It is also applicable to normal males who want to achieve bigger, harder, and firmer erections. How it works is simple. All it does is enhance the circulation of blood to the sex organ.

The L-arginine contains the necessary nitric oxide that allows the expansion of the blood vessels in the penile tissues. Enhancing its capacity to hold more blood can result in bigger, more substantial, and stronger erections. It can also thicken the penis allowing for more girth and control, leading to a better sexual experience.

Apart from this ingredient, the rest of the components of NaturalXl have unique properties that increase the blood flow and expand the corpus cavernosum. The joint action of all of them makes the pill ab highly effective male enhancement supplement.

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Benefits from Using Natural XL

Using Natural XL properly can have a host of benefits. Because of its natural components that naturally interact with each other, you can expect the product to work its way into the target area in no time as the ingredients work on the sex organ by integrating themselves into the body’s natural processes.

After many years of product development, Natural XL’s effects will be noticeable in the following results:

  • It improved blood flow in the penis. This effect is long-term, especially during erection.
  • Penile tissues expansion for bigger girth and length
  • Stable and firm erections
  • Frequent erections without premature ejaculation

Side Effects of Using Natural XL

natural xl ingredientsAs we have mentioned, Natural Xl is made from ingredients carefully chosen for its therapeutic effects. This drug is accessible without the need for a prescription. When you look at user reviews, there are no side effects mentioned in any of them.

These claims are also proven in clinical studies. Although the drug’s reaction may vary from person to person, the general conclusion is the side effects are not evident. If there are adverse reactions, these are all mild and not serious.

How to Get the Best Results from Using Natural XL

The product is suitable for males. Its recommended dosage is one pill a day and should be taken with water in the morning. If you want more significant results, you can take it 30 minutes before your sexual activity.

This pill should be taken with precaution, though. It is not safe for those who have preexisting medical conditions and minors. If you are not sure whether to take this supplement or not, you should consult your doctor before taking the product.

Natural XL User Reviews

natural xl pills customer reviewsAlthough this is an independent review, we also consider what other websites say about Natural XL. Most reviews are positive, with about 80% of them saying that the product can deliver results, especially when taken before sexual activity. There are no reviews available for third-party retailers. We did capture one user’s thought to give you an insight into what Natural XL has done for him.

“Why is it worth to trust Natural XL? To answer this question, I have looked into the ingredients closely and research on them to confirm its effectiveness before actually buying the product. The penis enlargement capsule I prefer should have a high percentage of satisfaction and can enlarge the penis by several centimeters. In terms of safety and efficacy, NaturalXL delivers both. It is an effective erection supplement.”

The Advantages

  • Natural XL is a supplement and does need a prescription to buy them and help you with erectile issues.
  • You can see the visible results immediately with a firmer, harder, and larger penis.
  • There is an increase in sexual desire upon taking the supplement.
  • All its ingredients are natural and can provide nourishment to other body parts.

This product does not contain any hormones, hence no side effects like boobs enlargement.

The Disadvantages

  • This product may react with other medications, so it must be a precaution.
  • It can affect blood pressure.
  • Results may vary for each user.
  • The product is only available through their website.

Where to Buy Natural XL

Natural XL is only available on its official website. One bottle of these supplements contains 30 tablets and costs $45. You should buy them on the website to avail of discounts, promotions, and a guarantee to get a full refund if your return an unopened bottle. The shipping fee at the site is also flat at $25, no matter where you live.

Can I buy Natural XL at Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, CVS, or stores near me?

Natural XL pills are not available in brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, or CVS.

Can I buy Natural XL from Amazon or eBay?

We strongly advise against buying Natural XL pills on Amazon or eBay because of the many fake pills. Also, you can get expired products and lose the money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural XL?

Natural XL’s effect is based on its natural ingredients and promotes the enlargement of the penis through the biological substance it contains. It works naturally through its handpicked ingredients, including improving blood circulation, stimulating the penis, and enlargement.

Who can use Natural XL?

Natural XL is designed specifically for men looking for supplements to increase the size of their penis. It has a stimulant effect on the male erectile tissues. It should be taken in moderation, one tablet per day.

What are the ingredients inside each pill of Natural XL?

Natural XL contains L-arginine and Lysine, significantly affecting the male sex organ’s cardiovascular actions. Also, it contains other natural products that have pharmaceutical properties and are used in traditional medicine. These have a synchronized effect on the penis by increasing blood circulation.

Are there any side effects of using Natural XL?

When you use this supplement properly, you will not experience any adverse side effects. It is because all the ingredients are natural. The body can tolerate them and converts them to nutrients.

natural xl pills before after

How can I use this supplement?

It is easy to take the product because it is conventionally shaped. You should use one tablet a day and better in the morning. You can also use them before your sexual activity for immediate effect.

What are the expected results from using Natural XL?

Many users have mentioned two results from using Natural XL: increased erection and better sex life. With the enlargement of the penis size, one can have a better sex life. It can lead to better confidence inside the bedroom and a host of other positive benefits.

What are the best alternatives to Natural XL?

The most popular alternatives to Natural XL on the market are Neosize XL and Xtrasize.

The Bottom Line

natural xl tabsThere is an abundant supply of male enhancement pills online these days, and all of them promise great results. What makes Natural XL stand out is that they deliver results. You can find other supplements with great reviews only to find out that it is mediocre product. Not with Natural XL.

Its ingredients are carefully selected and handpicked by experts and tested before launching the product to ensure that users are free from harm. While other male enhancement products claim to be the right one, I can assure you that the right one is here.

Natural Xl can improve your sexual performance, which can decline naturally with age. Having a feeling of inadequacy is hard and can lead to embarrassment. When choosing an enhancement pill, you should be based on four factors: the ability to support stamina, its active ingredients, an improvement in sexual desire, and clinical studies should support it.

When it comes to Natural XL, it checks in all factors. We can rank it as one of the most effective male enhancement pills today.

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