Neosize XL Review – How These Pills Work?

NeoSize XL Pills Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, How It Works

Men are competitive, even with how good they are inside the bedroom. Although they don’t compare measurements, when it comes to their sexual organs, they don’t want to be left behind. However, certain factors can affect their performance. Things like penis size are the most common reason they cannot perform well.

Certain drugs and supplements were made to cater to these needs, but not all are as effective, and some are just scams. However, one male enhancement supplement stands out, and it’s called NeoSize XL. Its brand name speaks for itself, but we can’t rely on that. Hence, we have researched this supplement and taken a closer look at its ingredients, clinical science, and side effects behind this pill. We have summarized everything in this NeoSize XL review to give you the details of our findings.

What is NeoSize XL?

neosize xlNeosize Xl is another male enhancement supplement available for purchase online. It promises to dramatically increase the size of the penis for better sexual performance and endurance. Some enhancement pills can increase the length but cannot make it thicker. Not NeoSize XL. It can improve penile thickness as well.

Their penis size is essential for men because it can affect their physical and mental state, including their confidence. It is natural for males consistently to achieve sexual gratification, so male enhancement pills are becoming very popular.

Vitopharma manufactures this product. According to its website, NeoSize XL has all the potency you may want in a male enhancement pill. It is a dietary supplement that helps users increase their penis size, hardness, and strength. These are made possible by the nine ingredients that work together to improve the blood flow to the penis and stimulate the body’s testosterone production. At the same time, it can also help enlarge and nourish the male organ for improved performance.

NeoSize XL Ingredients

neosize xl ingredientsWe’ll look closely at its ingredients to understand how NeoSize XL can deliver all its promises. Included in its formula are the following ingredients.

Velvet Bean
Lebbeck Tree
Tinospora Gulancha
Indian Kudzu
Puncture Vine
Indian Ginseng
Indian Spider Plant
Elephant Creeper
Velvet Bean

This plant is also known as Mucuna Prureins. It is rich in an amino acid called L-DOPA. According to our research, it is responsible for helping the body produce neurotransmitters that will be the precursor of various chemical reactions in the body.


Epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine are some examples of these neurotransmitters. In traditional medicine, velvet bean is used as an aphrodisiac and as a natural treatment for male infertility.


This herbal ingredient is part of the Acanthus family. The most popular use of this plant is in treating diabetes and various liver problems. It is also a known diuretic and as an aphrodisiac.


Although there are no scientific studies to prove its efficacy, it is believed that this plant is also effective in protecting the brain and the liver from lipid peroxidation.

Lebbeck Tree

There are different names for this plant, depending on where you are from. Among its names are Women’s Tongue, Siri’s Tree, Rattle Pod, and Albizia Lebbeck. This tree contains niacin, iron, essential amino acids, phosphorus, ascorbic acid, calcium, and saponins.


As a versatile herbal medicine, it is used to treat wounds, bee stings and bites, inflammation, allergies, and skin problems.

Tinospora Gulancha

Its scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia, and it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Others claim that this plant has positive effects on hay fever. It has antioxidant effects and can boost the body’s immune system.

Indian Kudzu

This plant is said to be highly effective in treating impotence, acid reflux, and angina. Aside from that, it also has anti-aging effects and works as an antipyretic and aphrodisiac.

Puncture Vine

This plant has many names, including Goat’s head, Bindii, and tackweed, but in the scientific community, it is called Tribulus Terrestris.


It is widely recognized as a libido enhancer and testosterone booster. In athletes and bodybuilders, it is known for its role in building muscle mass and strength.

Indian Ginseng

It is popularly known as Ashgawandha and known to enhance stamina and relieve stress. In traditional Indian medicine, this plant is recommended for people who want to strengthen their immune system, particularly for those who are recovering from sickness.


Another function of Indian Ginseng is in reducing lipid peroxidation, boosting the thyroid function, and lowering the blood sugar levels.

Indian Spider Plant

It is a popular aphrodisiac and immunity booster that is effective in people who are suffering from hypoglycemia, inflammation, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. Aspermia, impotence, arthritis, anxiety, and acid reflux.

Elephant Creeper

The primary role of the elephant creeper in this supplement is to strengthen sexual activity. It is an effective aphrodisiac that stimulates libido and cures sexual debility.


How Does NeoSize XL Works?

Neosize XL’s effectiveness depends on its various ingredients that increase blood flow to the penile region for an improved and prolonged erection. The combination of Tribulus Terrestris and Elephant Creeper, plus a few other herbal ingredients, makes it sound like an even more powerful male enhancement formula.

how penis enlargement work

Neosize XL action inside the body is what the manufacturers refer to as a scientifically proven mechanism that is natural and effective. It increases the blood flow into the penile area, boosts testosterone production, and increases penis size. The other ingredients help regulate blood flow and enhance sexual performance.

The ingredients present in Neosize XL are responsible for working directly on the blood flow to the penile endothelial cells. With blood directly affecting the penile arteries and veins, the result is a harder and firmer penis.

neosize xl results

Its effectiveness is based on increased testosterone and enhanced blood flow. It explains how patients with erectile dysfunction can have better erections. The website states that taking tablets can increase by half an inch in length and a 5% increase in girth. However, no clinical proof is cited as a basis, and results may vary from person to person.

Neosize XL should be taken consistently to see better results.

neosize xl official website

What are the Benefits of Using NeoSize XL?

The list of benefits of using NeoSize XL is long. This male enhancement supplement aims to do the following in the body:

  • Increase the length and girth of the sex organ
  • Stimulate the production of androgen for healthy sperm
  • Increase in strength and stamina
  • Improve the blood flow into the penis
  • Increase the release of testosterone
  • Enhance sex drive and libido
  • Boost sexual performance
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Elevate confidence
  • Improve orgasms and sexual pleasure

According to its website, the result will be noticeable in six months. By then, it should increase to 1-3 inches and improve thickness by 5-20%. They claim that the result is permanent but did not show further proof of this.

neosize xl results in 6 month

Neosize XL Side Effects

The official website of NeoSize XL did not specify any side effects. However, as with any other supplement, adverse reactions to its ingredients are possible. An example of this is the side effects associated with Mucuna Pruriens. Its side effects include agitation, erratic heartbeat, headache, and nausea.

There is limited information about the side effects of NeoSize XL on the web. But like any other supplement, you have to take extra care when taking them. If you are unsure, you better consult your doctor first.

Neosize XL User Reviews

You can find several NeoSize XL reviews on Amazon and other sites. However, there is a lack of detail on what they can say about the product. Most of the sentences are one-liners like “Good,” “Exceptional product,” or “it is a good drug.” There is a significant disparity in the ratings too.

Therefore, we can say that the user reviews and feedback for Neosize XL give a clear picture of whether the product is correct. It is not reliable too.


  • A doctor recommends the product
  • It contains proven effective ingredients
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Any documented clinical studies do not back it
  • More expensive than other products within its classification

Who Should Take NeosizeXL?

NeoSize XL is for men who want a simple way to increase their penis size. It promises to let you and your partner enjoy your sex life more. Who would not want a more significant and harder organ? If it’s you, then you should try using this supplement. It is more comfortable to use and discreet; no one will know you are using one unless you tell them.



The recommended dosage for Neosize XL pills is one or two capsules a day. It’s a suggested dose, and it may vary depending on the physician’s recommendation. It should be taken by a male 18 years old and above. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients in these pills.

Where to Buy NeoSize XL

guaranteeNeoSize Xl is available online through its official website, where you can avail of bulk discounts and deals. Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee and confidence in the product’s originality.

Can I buy NeoSize XL at Amazon or eBay?

You can purchase Neosize XL from eBay or Amazon, but we do not recommend it due to many user complaints about fake pills. Also, sometimes users receive expired medicines.

Can I buy NeoSize XL at CVS, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, or stores near me?

If you are looking for Neosize XL in stores like CVS, GNC, Target, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, you will not find it there. You can purchase it online directly from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequent questions that consumers ask about NeoSizeXL.

Q: What does Neosize XL do?

A: Neosize XL is an oral male enhancement pill. It enlarges the penis, delays premature ejaculation, and intensifies orgasms. It comes in a bottle that contains 60 capsules.

Q: What alternatives to Neosize XL?

A: The most popular alternatives to Neosize XL are Xtrasize and Natural XL.

Q: What is a NeoSize XL dosage?

A: You must take one to two capsules daily after every meal. Those who are not sure should consult a doctor for advice.

Q: Are any side effects of using NeoSizeXL?

A: No specific side effects are stated on NeoSize XL’s website. However, you should know that any one of the ingredients may trigger an allergic reaction. It may cause nausea, erratic heartbeat, headache, and agitation.

Q: Is NeoSize XL FDA approved?

A: “The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” – says the official website.

Q: Can I return the product if I am unsatisfied with the results?

A: You can return the NeoSize XL only if you purchased directly from the official website within thirty days and will get a full refund.

neosize xl official website

Final Verdict

It is not a magic pill that can miraculously enlarge the penis. However, some of the supplement’s ingredients are backed by clinical studies to increase testosterone and libido, and blood flow to the penis area, increasing penis size. It’s the same work as muscle building – when day after day you have a harder erection, the bigger your penis becomes.

All in all, NeoSize XL seems to be a helpful product and may work for increasing penis size in intercourse and also as a solution to problems like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. The claims of increasing the size of the penis may seem a little exaggerated, but you need a few inches you can get, so this product is highly recommended to try.