Probolan 50 Review – Why It So Popular At Bodybuilding Forums?

Probolan 50 Pills – Ingredients, Side Effects, How To Use, Where to Buy

Probolan 50 is a muscle enhancement supplement that will help you increase the conversion of fat to muscle mass and provide your book with a new and better look. Muscles and masculinity are essential factors when it comes to bodybuilding.

To enhance the human physique, you need to trim the muscles and arrange your body’s skeletal frame. These days sexuality is all about muscles, and the more muscles you have arranged attractively, the more you become attractive to others.

Many supplements can help you achieve the body you want. These products bear different price tags, effects, and ingredients.

Probalan 50 is one of them with various shades and is more capable than its competitors.

If you want to know more about this product, here is a Probolan 50 product review. It will provide you with some idea of how it works, the effects, where you can get it, and if it is right for you.

What is Probolan 50?

probolan 50The primary purpose of manufacturing Probolan 50 is to increase muscle mass. You can use this supplement within a short time or longer. Its effects and effectiveness will depend on your intentions and personal outcomes. Based on user reports, the product is an effective muscle enhancer.

The formulation is simple, with a secret recipe that can help bodybuilders increase their muscles. This supplement is so potent that you feel that you are adding muscles quickly.

Probolan 50 is now used by many bodybuilders, athletes, weight trainees, and other well-known sports personnel for whom a well-built body is essential.

This formula provides the desired effect by:

  • Help in muscle growth
  • Converts more fat into muscle anabolism
  • Improve stamina
  • Tones your muscles
  • Provides more endurance to withstand intense reps
  • Provide excellent flexibility by rejuvenating muscle fibers
  • Harmonize hormonal balance providing a boost on mental health

Probolan 50 is new in the market, but their fan base has increased fast within a short time and is now one of the widely used muscle growth factors.

How To Use

probolan 50 officia -websiteThe Probolan 50 pills are packed in capsules for easy handling and usage. One bottle contains 60 capsules, equal to one month of use.

This supplement is taken twice a day with one pill in the morning to be taken one hour before breakfast. The next dose is in the evening before your main meal.

The capsule should be taken with lots of water to disseminate the content into different body parts.

After 5 to 10 weeks of taking the supplement, you will see the result. Probolan 50 recommends using for six months to prolong the results obtained.

Taking more pills over the recommended dose is not advised. You can consult a professional before attempting to do it.


Here are some of the essential components of Probolan 50

Epihydroxetiolan - 17 Esters matrix
DHT Blocker
Tribulus Terrestris
Epihydroxetiolan - 17 Esters matrix

The main component of Probolan 50 is Epihydroxetiolan – 17 Esters matrix. But there are fewer data about it since its proprietary of Dhamil.


It is their secret ingredient, and they are not as keen on releasing data about it and how it is metabolized to produce Probolan. It works together with other parts to boost the level of testosterone up to 400%.

DHT Blocker

Before testosterone could be converted to DHT, it should be fully utilized. The free testosterone in the bloodstream can have undesirable effects.


Probolan capsule has a DHT blocker that prevents testosterone from converting. It stops the DHT from increasing a large amount of DHT could result in hair loss, bone pain, vomiting, acne, muscle cramps, and fatigue.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also known as the Devil’s claw, this component is responsible for producing high levels of testosterone. It helps increase men’s potency.


The ingredient is used in manufacturing supplements to help in sexual activity and increased libido. It is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.


This CNS stimulant can block adenosine, and it limits the drowsiness effect of the product. It is how caffeine keeps people focused and alert. The ingredient is present in many beverages. WHO says it is safe to use when in its crystal and pure form.


Thus, these testosterone booster capsules rely on it to activate the stimulating effect of the supplement. To help it work along with the other ingredients.


probolan 50 ingredientsThe above ingredients are based on many years of studies. They are organic, natural, and effective without any adverse effects or sexual performance. The elements have gone through thorough clinical trials to ensure it is safe for human consumption. It is recommended for athletes, bodybuilders, and others looking forward to building lean muscles.

Side Effects

This product is 100% safe since it contains natural ingredients of herbal origin. There is no report from the makers of any adverse effect in using Probolan 50 in the extended period.

Probolan 50 is a very competitive product. However, it needs more clinical data to check any unseen side effects.

At the time of posting this article, the company could sell a hundred thousand bottles. No complaints or side effects were recorded or posted on bodybuilding or consumer forums.

The dose of two capsules a day is minimal to trigger any serious health risk. But it is enough to provide stamina and induce muscle growth.

Those with a history of heart disorders, kidney or liver diseases, heart attacks, allergies, strokes, under medications, or other medical complications should visit their doctor before using Probolan 50.

Although it is not clinically proven, it is safe to consume alcohol while taking Probolan 50. But it is best if you don’t.

User Reviews

Probolan 50 is a novice in the supplement market world, but it has gained a lot of good reviews from users. It scored 87% customer satisfaction index after assessing the general trend of the supplement in the market regarding efficacy, the onset of action, reordering frequency, value for money, and delivery of results.

probolan 50 user reviews before and after

Since it is only available on their official website, the rating on other marketing websites is not available. Also, the product has gained a lot of attention in the bodybuilding forums.

Here are some of the reviews and comments about Probolan 50 online:

According to Ras (Professional rugby player)

Muscles are life, and to defeat my opponents, I need to have a healthy body. I was lean back then and weighed only 125 lbs, which means I am unfit for the game. I worked out and was able to add more, and now I weigh 170 lbs and am plateauing.

Which is when I started using Probolan 50 pills as recommended by my nutritionist. I am taking three capsules every day for two months, and after 60 days, I am now 200 pounds of pure muscle and stamina. And it’s all because of Probolan 50.

According to Jake:

Shipping is a bit off, but the product is what I expected it to be. You should take this pill for at least 5 to 6 months for better results. Also, I suggest you should not buy this product from eBay since I end up buying a knock-off last time.

According to Matthew: (Bournville Fitness)

If you are looking for something that will add stamina, brute-like muscles, and long-lasting endurance, you don’t have to look for more as Probolan 50 is what you need.


Pros And Cons

Just like other products, Probolan 50 has its advantages and disadvantages


  • Ripping of muscles are assured
  • Stamina boosting formula
  • If used consistently, it gives you excellent results
  • It helps convert fats to muscle
  • It also increases your libido
  • Reasonable price
  • Great discounts if you purchase in bulk for six months or three months
  • You need to take only two pills a day


  • You cannot buy it in any store
  • It only takes two months for the onset of the activity.


Is Probolan 50 Safe?

The product contains natural ingredients, so it is safe to say that it does not have any reported side effects at this point.

Does Probolan 50 have adverse effects on potency?

The supplement is a growth-boosting product; thus, it does not affect the potency negatively. It contains an ingredient that can improve the reproductive capabilities of men. The result of taking Probolan 50 varies from person to person.

Does Probolan 50 have any side effects?

There has been no report of any side effects up to this time. The supplement works at stages, making it unique from other products available in the market.

Is it safe to consume alcohol while taking Probolan 50?

Yes, Probolan 50 is a safe product that does not react with alcohol. It only means that you can take the capsules and drink alcohol without worrying.

Can I combine Probolan 50 pills with other supplements?

Yes, the new Probolan 50 formula is designed to interfere with other pills. It can maximize the outcome. The result of the supplement will depend on the person’s body response.

What are the alternatives to Probolan 50?

The best alternatives to Probolan 50 are Somatodrol and Metadrol.

Can an amateur athlete take Probolan 50 pills?

You don’t need to be a professional bodybuilder to take the pill. Any individual who wants to increase their muscles can safely consume the capsule. Combine it with workouts and exercises to get better results.

Again, taking Probolan 50 will not assure you of the results. They depend on how your body reacts to the ingredients of the pill.

probolan 50 review


Here is Probolan 50 price range:

You avail of the Titan or six months’ supply, buy three, and you will get three free at $147 for a 24-week cycle (360 tablets).

The Extreme Effects is perfect for a three-month supply. Purchase two bottles, and you will get one free for only $98 for a 12-week cycle (180 tablets).

The Start is for one month supply. You can buy the bottle for $49 for a 4-week cycle (60 tablets).

There is no need to worry about the shipping fee as it is shipping for free within the USA. International shipping will cost you $25. You can pay using PayPal or your credit cards. The company offers 90 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the products.

Where To Buy Probolan 50?

The safest way to buy Probolan 50 is through its official website. You can be assured that you will be getting an original, quality, and certified product for the best price, additional discounts, and a money-back guarantee.

buy probolan50


Can I Buy Probolan 50 at Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, or stores near me?

At this time, Probolan 50 is not available at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS. You can buy it only on the official website.

Can I Buy Probolan 50 from Amazon or eBay?

Yes, you can find Probolan 50 for sale at Amazon and eBay. However, we do not suggest buying Probolan50 because of the high risk of getting a fake or expired product. Also, you lose the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.


probolan 50 pillsProbolan 50 is a great product, particularly for those who don’t have enough budget but need an effective muscle builder solution.

The supplement mode of action is by increasing the level of testosterone. So, if you want a higher dosage of Probolan 50, you should consult your doctor first.

Purchase the product only from the official website so you can benefit from the many bonuses and discounts the site is offering. Also, it is the safest way to get the original product.

Since the pill is only new, the review is comparably less. So far, there is no negative post about the product. The increase in fan base only shows that it is effective and provides the result you want. Combine this product with the right exercise and proper diet, and you will indeed have the body you want!